Categories  /   Festival Branding, Physical Space
Timeframe  /   8/15 - 9/15
My Role  /  Art Director
Partners  /  
Stink Digital, “Found Them First” Design & Dev; Sarah Kayden, Spotify “Found Them First” Producer; Radar Media GmbH, Event Production Agency; Kate Marriage, Spotify Experiential Director; Martin Richter & Adrian Kopps, Spotify Germany Consumer Marketing

Objective  /  Introduce Spotify to Germany’s Reeperbahn Festival, an important music industry pow-wow. Bring to life the digital experience Found Them First, which asks “how many artists did you stream before they made it big?”

Solution  /  We invited fans of breaking artists to see them perform at Spotify’s club space during the festival. We took inspiration from the Reeperbahn area, often described as “Germany’s red light district.” Our design ethos: the weirder the better. 

'Found Them First' site designed by Stink Digital

The loading screen of the “Found Them First” digital experience reminded us of a circus tent. Given the chaos and energy of the Reeperbahn, we decided a circus-like aesthetic was spot-on.


The clash between bright pink and bright orange created a wild and electric environment that was perfect for the late-night scene.