Categories  /   Festival Branding, Design Systems
Timeframe  /   10/15 - 3/16
My Role  /  Lead Art Director
Partners  /  Alex Bodman, Creative Director; Andreas Lindahl & Kim Binks, Art Directors; Stefan Klapko, Photography; MAS Events, Production; Ramona Sidlo & Kristen Distler, Experiential Marketing; Lindsay Fischler, Brand Manager
Press  /  Adweek

Objective  /  Create a festival branding system for Spotify’s week-long party at SXSW that promotes music discovery.

Solution  /  Through bright colors and organic shapes, our design solution encouraged a friendly and fun enviroment where fans could connect directly with their favorite artists and discover new talent.


Facade mural by Andreas Lindahl

The dynamic color palette anchored the system across print, merch, screen, signage and stage branding.

Our user research team conducted on-site interviews with superfans, who were rewarded with an artist-signed poster.


Snapchat was the hero app of SX ‘16. We had a lot of fun both making and using the Spotify-owned filters. We created filters for different times of day inspired by SXSW festival attendees behavior.