Categories  /   Social Media
Timeframe  /   2014  – 2015
My Role  /  Art Director
Partners  /  Vayner Media, Social Media Agency; Candice Katz, Spotify US Social Lead; Josh Karpf, Spotify Global Social Director; Brian Haines, Designer

Objective  /  Use social media to define Spotify’s brand voice. Create reasons for users to open the app and turn up the music.

Solution  /  As internal Art Director on the social media team, I helped shaped creative strategy and create hundreds of individual pieces of content. Our aim was that Spotify sound like your “cool music friend,” striking a balance between brand promotion and having fun with music-related content. Below, three posts serve as an entryway into the ongoing conversation that is Spotify’s social media presence.

Our music-first approach to President Obama’s summer playlist resulted in 20k+ retweets. Rather than a photo of the President, we hero’ed the artists in his playlist. This help to de-politicize the post and put us in the conversation we want to be in - the one about music.

We took advantage of our emoji-obsessed culture with the #emojiinkblot series. It was an Instagram hit and a team favorite because of its playfulness, versatility and high user-engagement levels.

Holidays, album anniversaries and other calendar-related posts were exciting as we had some lead time to plan. Here we connected the Buddhist holiday and the 90s grunge band with an image we hoped was a breath of fresh air in info-packed newsfeeds.