Categories  /  Design Systems, Campaign, Animation
Timeframe  /   2/14 - 6/14
My Role  /  Art Director 
Partners  /  Matt Porteous, Photography; FIRE Global Media, Production; Rachel Moreno & Cristina
Forsström, Experiential Marketing; B Reel Sweden; Obscura New York

Objective  /  Get industry thought leaders talking about Spotify during their time at the Cannes Lions Festival.

Solution  /  Music is the original social network. It is something organically shareable and discussable. Building on that insight, we designed a web-based tool that allowed users to select one song to represent them, submit that song, and view connections to others based on music taste and proximity. We collected data in real time over the course of the week and projected our data stories onto the Palais each night.


We partnered with B Reel to create the tool for web, mobile and kiosks placed at festival registration. The particle-based design system was the central visual style carried across the projections and communications.

Web experience by B-Reel.


The Palais in Cannes is centrally located and is the venue for the keynote presentations and 90% of the smaller talks. We rented an apartment across from The Palais and projected right onto the largest banner at the entrance, creating an un-missable projection show. As the week progressed, more users interacted with our tool and the projections evolved to incorporate the updated data. Obscura, known for their large-scale projection magic, was our partner in creating the animations.


We placed ads in the festival daily and emailed attendees asking them to join the conversation. It all starts with a song.