Categories  /   Design Systems, Print, Magazine
Timeframe  /  2012
My Role  /  Art Director 
Partners  /  Emily DeSear, Creative Director; Sara Singh, Illustrator; Olioboard, Technology Partner

Objective  /  Create a visual center for the advertising incentive program driving InStyle Magazine’s March issue. The program featured advertiser product in print and in a custom digital experience with an out-of-home extension.

Solution  /  We partnered with Illustrator Sara Singh whose feminine watercolors anchored our aesthetic. Pairing the vibrant illustrations with collaged product spoke to the core of the digital experience, which allowed users to create their own collage, while highlighting advertiser product.

Sara’s chic illustrations resonated with InStyle’s fashion savvy audience. Each collage featured an illustration as the central subject and the surrounding clothes, accessories and makeup suggested ways to complete the look.


The digital experience was a browser-based canvas where InStyle fans could sift through a virtual closet and drag items onto the canvas to create a collaged look. 


We partnered with Olioboard to take the experience into New York’s Time Warner Center and LA’s Beverly Center. We adapted the digital experience to work on a large touchscreen and designed the pod graphics to catch the eye of bi-coastal mall shoppers.