Categories  /   UX/UI
Timeframe  /   11/15
My Role  /  Concept, Art Direction 
Partners  /  Evan Sheehan,  Developer; Nick Emrich, Designer; Kerry Steib, Director of Social Good

Objective  /  Use Spotify’s annual hack week to design and prototype a website tracking employee volunteer hours. Spotify has over 50 office locations world-wide and the aim was to increase participation in smaller offices, and increase sharing across the global org.

Solution  /  We used data visualization to incentivize participation. After each global office reported their volunteer hours per event, our system would plot the hours onto a graph resulting in unique shapes. The shapes could be used on stickers and t-shirts as an office-specific mark. 

Our white-board brainstorm produced the idea to generate a graph as an ownable shape. The x-axis represents projects over time and the y-axis is hours served per project. 

UI by Nick Emrich

Hyperakt's final design  

After hack week, we handed off our concept and initial designs to Hyperakt and worked with them to enhance the UI and produce the site using live data.