Categories  /   Festival Branding, Design Systems, Physical Space 
Timeframe  /   2/15 - 6/15
My Role  /  Art Director
Partners  /  Matt Porteous, Photography; FIRE Global Media, Production; Sheny Bhopti & Kristen Distler, Experiential Marketing

Objective  /  Create a flexible space and design system for Spotify at Cannes Lions 2015, where the focus was entertaining high-level advertising partners. 

Solution  /  Our inspiration object was the spiky Louboutin shoe, which is edgy yet refined. Keeping this object in mind helped the team design a solution that felt true to the Spotify brand, but elegant enough for the high-rollers in Cannes.


Left: Seth Farbman, Spotify CMO, is representitive of those who visited the space throughout the week. Right: Our spot on the Croisette.

The system for our e-invitations, above, began our love affair with the triangle. Below, we painted white vases with our shapes and colors as an accent in the primary meeting room. 


The transition from day to night in the multi-functional space was an exciting design challenge we solved through the use of light.


My colorful, low-poly lion illustration was the key art for the experience, appearing in festival guidebooks, merch and as artwork in the garden.